Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yo, VIP, let's kick it!

I doubt many people are going to admit to recognising the title of this post, although I'm sure it's triggering some memories for a few of you.  

The year was 1990, and the artist was Robert Van Winkle - aka Vanilla Ice.

Of course, the lyrics I should have used come only a few lines later...

 Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

What a great way to go about thinking about making a transition to operating within a BIM process.

This week, I was delighted to attend a great BIM event in Glasgow - twitter users out there, search #BIMSCOTLAND to find out a little more.

I was very pleased to hear the message being firmly pushed home that in order to make a succesful move into "BIM", we - as an industry - need to put aside our conventional methods and perceptions and open our minds to a completely new way of working.

Procurement, development and relationships all need to be re-visited or re-learned to allow the BIM to realise its potential.

Let's "do" BIM - step 1... throw away the rule books; 
forget "the way it's always been done"

Sure, this won't be easy and there will be stumbles along the way... but believe me, the journey will be worth the effort.

We'll overcome the classic questions that often appear as obsitcles, such as "who owns the model?".  In my view, when considering a building, I'd suggest that the building itself "owns" the model... different stakeholders will act as "stewards" of that model at various stages throughout the development, ownership and maintenance of the asset.  Each steward will have their own responsibilites, risks and rewards during their period of ownership.

Thinking about "throwing away the rule book", what better opportunity can we ask for to start afresh with new forms of contract etc, that suit construction today - rather than yesterday?

With a young family, I'm acutely aware of the trials and adventures that take place at East High School, in Albuquerque (the uninitiated should google "High School Musical").  The Wildcats present us with a fitting notion...

"We're all in this together".

If ever there was a message to be applied to enabling or implementing BIM, I'd suggest this is the one.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September News!

Ethan - born 27/9/11

It has certainly been a busy week here.  Last Tuesday (27th September) saw the arrival of the newest member of the "team".

While it's early days, I'm sure that our new "Junior Executive" will have a great deal of influence on everything that happens here!

Completed Reports
Work-wise, things are remaining steady.  September included three new volumetric analysis projects, with another one currently ongoing, as well as a number of CAD projects.  Our involvement in the avoidance and identification of buried public utilities continues to be a key business area, and we have also submitted tenders to provide CAD services for windfarm projects.

Revit model of kitchen area


BIM continues to be a key area of interest here too.  Revit has been getting well explored, with a recent proposed project (domestic building conversion) being modelled in Revit, and video fly through simulation created.

Revit model video flythrough

A sample from the ground floor fly through video can be seen here.

Google Earth buildings

Google "badges" awarded

In addition to this, we now have ten building models uploaded to Google's 3D Warehouse, and six buildings modelled in 3D and accepted into Google Earth and included in the publicly accessible buildings view.

Photo used in Photofly

Sticking with 3D models, the latest thing we've been trying out is Photofly... the first test project is now complete and is uploaded to YouTube - take a look here.  This was created by using a series of normal photographs, taken of a vase of roses, to produce the 3D version and video.

2011 certainly has been a big year for us so far... looking forward to finding out what's next!