Saturday, October 3, 2015

5.5 years later

Time, thou anticipat’st my dread exploits.
The flighty purpose never is o'ertook
Unless the deed go with it. From this moment
The very firstlings of my heart shall be
The firstlings of my hand. And even now,
To crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done...
Followers of The Bard will maybe spot the topical reference to Macbeth... topical, because just yesterday I was looking at the cinema listings, and this seems to be the film of the moment.  But why open this post with such a quote?  Well, shamefully, it has been  a couple of years since I updated this blog!

The passage above is spoken by Macbeth and tells of his new determination to act immediately and to start following his thoughts with actions.  He goes on to tell how he plans to raid Macduff, seize Fife and kill, well... pretty much everyone.  I will be much less dramatic, and merely seize my thoughts to the point of finally mashing the keyboard and hopefully producing a brief blog update (how the world has changed since those bloodthirsty days of old!).

Time has flown, and it is now just over five and a half years since the birth of McCafferty Consultancy Ltd.  Despite the absence of blog, twitter, Facebook, or YouTube updates, we are still busy analysing construction sites and mapping assets up and down the country, and have taken on some really interesting projects since the last posting.

We have now carried out volumetric analysis on around 100 residential housing sites in Scotland, producing crucial information relating to the earthwork movements required on these.

We have also worked on some major, large-scale civil engineering projects - including hydro schemes, electrical substations, windfarms, and even the A9 dualling project.  

Our portfolio has extended into offshore and subsea, where we have been engaged to produce models to allow for the construction of sea roads, harbours and carry out essential dredging and maintenance projects.
Utility avoidance continues to be an active and busy are of the business, having now provided CAD plans for countless projects across the UK.

What about the BIM???  Well, BIM remains a subject of great interest, and one that we are keen to continue to work at, raising awareness and enabling organisations to realise the benefits that can be achieved.  We were approached by a global contractor to develop a pre-construction conflict avoidance process that was borne out of a BIM-aware approach to project delivery.  
Using our expertise in 3d modelling, and drawing on our knowledge and experience in project delivery, we created a process that was able to successfully identify potential conflicts in subterranean infrastructure that was proposed for a major development.  This process would allow for the avoidance of problems that might only have been discovered during the construction phase, and permit a re-design before any material, resource, or crucially - money, was committed on the site.

Interestingly, I've been thinking this week about how organisations are looking at ways of being able to track and record financial expenditure towards various build assets.  This is becoming a very important task, and is presenting some major issues for the organisations trying to undertake these exercises.  Essentially, what is required is the ability to know where assets are located, how much value is attributable to them, when they were formed and how they have been maintained - with the ability to export, share, and reuse this information...  Yet, "BIM" isn't something that's being said.  The association of intelligent, accurate and dynamic data into assets, and the interoperability of this data is what BIM is about... maybe people are more engaged in BIM than they realise...
So life carries on.  We continue to turn out the projects, and we are continually grateful for the support and the business we are given by our clients.

The office move is complete, so this is being written from the softer and more comfortable new surroundings (see right).

And with a picture taken many years ago of Glamis Castle, finally, a blog update is written... what's done is done (Act 3, Scene 2).