Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not just BIM?!?

Did you know... McCafferty Consultancy Ltd. is not just about BIM?  In fact, in terms of BIM, most of what we do here is try to promote BIM and educate how the processes can be used to provide additional value to construction companies, consultants, practitioners and the industry as a whole.

We love construction, and the goal is to see our industry operating as intelligently and as smart is as possible, utilising the latest in management practices and leveraging the latest technologies to gain maximum value and achieve the highest standards possible.

The majority of our workload is focused on providing CAD services and volumetric analysis for construction companies and specialist service providers.  In fact - and don't go crazy here - a great deal of this is even 2D!

We regularly turn out some pretty nice 3D work, mostly in our volumetric packages, where we form detailed models to represent proposed construction sites and incorporate existing survey data.

Take a look at a feature video...

Another, perhaps lesser known, service that we provide is our area takeoff service.  This is something that is particularly useful for groundwork companies or developers, and involves the preparation of site-wide take-off drawings, that are categorised into different physical areas.  A detailed spreadsheet then accompanies the take-off drawing, detailing the individual and aggregate measured areas across the proposed site.  This information can be useful during planning, development, tender and ongoing build stages.

Take a look at a feature video...

These are just a couple of the other services that we are able to provide, but if you think they could be of interest, or even if you wish to discuss our other capabilities or investigate how we can help your business, please feel free to get in touch.