Monday, August 8, 2011

What about the people?

To date, this blog has been an outlet for predominately BIM related posts.  BIM is a hot topic at present in the construction world, but it is not currently the main business area for projects undertaken at McCafferty Consultancy Ltd.

The majority of projects completed to date are a mix of 2D cad projects to assist in the planning and / or construct phase of construction schemes and 3D ground modeling to determine volumetric requirements for proposed building sites.

BIM and VDC remains more a personal interest at this stage, while the benefits of these processes are explored and identified by the wider UK construction community.  Perhaps, this will progress to become more of a business interest in the future, or perhaps we will continue to exist as “non-practicing BIM advocates”… time will tell.

Behind the blog, exist real people with real (and often exciting) lives.  It has been suggested that this blog should maybe attempt to vary from technical commentary, and introduce some content that might give more insight to what the real people at McCafferty Consultancy have been doing away from work recently.

Stevie with Pluto (Disney)

Well, there has been a good mix of happy times, sick times, fun times, sad times and geeky times over recent months.  July saw broken bones and viral infections – not nearly enough to destroy our spirits as a family vacation to Disneyland Paris followed soon after, along with further fun times in France catching up with old friends and taking time out to relax.

Stevie with Lisa (IRT)

In August, "geeky" fun was had ‘fuelling’ (sorry) Stevie’s petrolhead side with a great day out at Truckfest.  In addition to admiring the shiny, noisy things on display, this proved to be another opportunity for Stevie to utilise skills refined at Disney and partake in the rubbing of shoulders with celebs – no Disney personalities this time, but Alex & Lisa from TV’s ‘Ice Road Truckers’.

The coming months are guaranteed to be just as interesting as we await a new addition to the “McCafferty group”.  Company expansion may well be on our minds, but this time it is family expansion, with the newest arrival expected at the start of October.  I can report that Jennifer has managed to put the “sick times” in the past and is looking forward to beginning her leave later this week.

So, there we have the first non-technical blog post, considering some of the more human sides of what happens behind the scenes here.  This may be the start of something, or could turn out to be just a rare insight along the way.  Perhaps I’ll let the visitor stats or comments decide…

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  1. Brilliant!! There is life beyond BIM!! Also quite jealous of your autograph book, especially pluto :D

    Anyway glad you've had a busy, fun-filled summer....and I do like the occasional non technical post.....maybe the next post can introduce as all to the new arrival :-)